David Langston is a pretty proud dad today. His daughter, Christina Langston, has advanced to the Hollywood round on American Idol

Langston says his 18-year-old Centenary College freshman has been singing since she was around 9 years old, but there was a time when doctors told him that his daughter might not make it to a year old.

"When she was six weeks old, she had to be hospitalized," Langston says.  "Her pediatrician at the time and a buddy of mine Dr. Scott Rich even came by and looked, and some people from LSU, and they were all just scratching their heads.  And the only thing they could come up with was that it was an early brain stem development problem."

Christina made it through all the breathing treatments and shots and medication, and decided she wanted to start singing.  And she's been doing it ever since.

Langston says his daughter went through several rounds of auditions before getting to sing in front of the four American Idol judges -- which he says was an experience all its own.  He says he didn't get much more than a glimpse of her when the Baton Rouge audition footage aired, so we're all hoping we get to see more of her once the Hollywood round comes up.

Listen to the rest of my interview with David Langston HERE, in two parts:



Now, Christina isn't the first local girl to win that Golden Ticket.  We all remember a couple of years back when Natalie Hanson, daughter of Voodudes guitarist David Hanson, made it to Hollywood, but didn't advance to the live part of the competition.  We were all there to cheer her on, and we certainly wish Christina the best, as well.

Here's the link to footage of some of Christina's American Idol experience:

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