It's not every day a Shreveporter makes it onto a popular singing competition, but Christina Langston did it. Unfortunately, she didn't advance to the next level in the Hollywood round.  Her dad David says she did make a lot of friends along the way, though.

"When she goes to these various locations for trying out, she meets so many talented people, and gets to interact with new people," Langston says. "She's made friends with Megan Miller down there in Baton Rouge, who actually was on the show quite a bit. So Christina and her are actually Facebook friends."

Kind of neat that she got to experience this and meet other people with similar interests as her.

Mr. Langston says Christina hasn't given up. He realizes American Idol producers are "trying to put on a show," so there aren't any hard feelings. And Christina took the news well. He says she's going to just keep doing what she's doing: majoring in biology at Centenary College, singing in the choir and making singing appearances at Superior Bar & Grill and Superior's Steakhouse.

I've got a call out to Christina. I hope to catch up with her soon to get her reaction on the American Idol experience.

In the meantime, check out my interview with David Langston here:

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