The U.S. Army has more than 150 career fields with more than 50 of those careers in medical fields, and 99 percent of their careers offer civilian credentialing. They offer up to 40k in signing bonuses, money for college, free healthcare and housing and up to 65k in student loan repayments. They will teach you personal responsibility, self-discipline and how to become a leader. They will get 30 days of paid time off every year and the opportunity to travel the world. They will make you a better version of yourself.

Today’s young people want more than just a job. They want to be part of something bigger than themselves. Through Army service, you can contribute to something greater than yourself while also improving yourself.

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Featured Careers

Defend our country against any threat by land with use of small arms, anti-tank and other weapon systems used to capture, destroy and repel enemy ground forces during missions.

Become a member of one the most highly skilled combat forces in the world as a weapons, engineering, medical or communications expert.

Operate and maintain an entire multiple launch rocket system that supports infantry and tank units by supplementing cannon artillery during combat.

Operates and maintain three of the Army’s surface-to-air advanced weapons systems, which provide mobile and short-range air defense protection against cruise missiles and other threats.

Become an influence expert who assesses the information needs of a target population and crafts messaging to influence and engage target audiences.

Perform a crucial role in our nation’s defense by identifying foreign communications using signal equipment.

The Army's preeminent tactical and technical explosives experts who attack, defeat and exploit unexploded ordnance, improvised explosive devices and weapons of mass destruction.

Remotely pilot unmanned observation aircrafts, drones, which provide Army personnel with integral intelligence information about enemy forces and battle areas.

Operate armored equipment such as the M1A2 Abrams to destroy enemy positions and defend our country anywhere in the world.

Defend the country against the threat of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction.

Integrate and process tactical battlefield information from multiple users and sensors through a network of Army and JOINT automated battle command systems.

Operate and maintain one of the world’s most advanced missile system to defend against threats from aircrafts and ballistic and cruise missiles.

U.S. Army Recruiting Company Shreveport via Facebook
U.S. Army Recruiting Company Shreveport via Facebook

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