SHREVEPORT, LA – Shreveport is looking for a private company to take over a unique job. The city is soliciting bids for a company to lock an unlock the gates at several city parks each day. The price tag for this job is $30,000.

The contractor will unlock gates at 6:00 a.m. and lock gates no later than 10:00 p.m. daily unless specified differently by the city.

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What City Facilities Are Included?

A.C. Steere on Youree Drive 2 gates on Grover Lane and 2 gates on Preston Street. The company will also be responsible to check bathrooms to make sure they are empty prior to locking.

Airport Park & Community Center on Kennedy Drive  2 Gates off Kennedy Drive and the back parking lot near old Fire        Maintenance Building.

Betty Virginia Park on Fairfield Avenue  Line Avenue entrance and Ockley Drive entrance.

Bill Cockrell Metro Park & Community Center on Pines Road Main entrance off Pines Road.

Charles & Marie Hamel Memorial Park Clyde Fant Parkway Main entrance off Clyde Fant Parkway

Columbia Park on Columbia Street All located on Columbia Street side.

Greenwood Cemetery on Stoner Avenue Main entrances off Stoner Ave.

Oakland Cemetery on Milam Street facing Milam Street and Christian & Milam Street.

Shreveport Dog Park Alliance
Shreveport Dog Park Alliance

Shreveport Dog Park at the Stoner Boat Launch Gate to large Dog area and the Gate to the small Dog area.

Lakeside Recreation Center on Milam Street Front entrance off Milam next to Fire Station

Ford Park on South Lakeshore Drive.

These bids are due in to the city this week. We will find out how many companies have filled out all the paperwork to handle this job and what they are proposing charging the city for this work.


There is also a caveat to this deal:

"If individuals are locked in the park, the Contractor may be contacted to go out and let individuals out. Each occurrence should be documented on their daily log. To curtail locking patrons inside parks, Contractor will do a complete sweep of the area giving patrons a warning the park is closed."

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