Lots of pink will be around Shreveport next month as the Shreveport Fire Department commemorates Breast Cancer Awareness Month by supporting the local Susan G. Komen Foundation affiliate.

"All Shreveport Fire Department personnel will wear this shirt for the full month of October for breast cancer awareness," Shreveport Fire Chief Craig Mulford explained to 710 KEEL.

"This is just a great opportunity to showcase when labor and management come together and move forward on a great project that's going to impact the community in such a positive way," Shreveport Firefighters Association President Barbara Sellers said.

SFD Pink
Dennis Foley

Firefighters will use their presence in the communities to help distribute information on breast cancer.

"We are going to have all of our educational materials on all of the trucks so when they are going out in the community and making stops, they are going to be handing out free mammography information out left and right," added Executive Director of Susan G. Komen Northwest Louisiana Lindsay Dean.

Chief Mulford wants the community to know that the fire department is more than just an agency that puts out fires.

"We don't just have your back when your house catches on fire," stated Mulford.  "We don't just have your back when you have a heart attack.  Breast cancer affects families as a whole just as public safety does.  We want those folks to know that we've got your back."



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