A Shreveport police officer has died in a tragic act of violence in our community.  The young, rookie officer was gunned down outside a home on Midway Avenue.  She graduated from the police academy in November and was assigned to ride with a field training officer.  She was in uniform at the time of the shooting, preparing to go to work.


Reaction is coming in from all over the community.

Mayor Adrian Perkins posted this today:

Yesterday was law-enforcement appreciation day. Sadly, Shreveport wakes up painfully aware of the sacrifices police officers make every day.

As children, we look up to police officers. As we grow older, we too often take their sacrifices for granted. They are society's phalanx, the wall between us and those who have no respect for law and order. They form that wall with their life. We must never forget that.

Police officers are human beings just like the rest of us. Behind the badge is a beating heart—a father, mother, son, daughter, brother, and sister. When they put the uniform on, they put all that on the line. They are willing to sacrifice everything so you and I can feel secure; so our children can safely play at the park.

Once again, Shreveport wakes up this morning all too aware of the sacrifices police officers make. Let us not forget tomorrow. If you see a police officer, strike up a conversation with them. Tell them how grateful you are for their service. Tell them, "Thank you."

This from fellow officers:

The Shreveport Police Officers Association would like to thank the Citizens of Shreveport for their prayers and their genuine sympathy shown to us at this critical time. We have lost one of our own. She was young, and she was beautiful. She was proving herself to be a capable professional, dedicated to serving the Citizens of Shreveport. We lift her family in prayer, and we thank you for allowing her to be a part of us. We stand ready to assist her family and her Academy Classmates. We thank the Shreveport Fire Department and their professionalism in paramedic service. It is an honor to serve with you. We thank Dr. McGauley of LSU Oschners ER and the dedicated ER staff that fought so hard with us last night. We would like to thank Mayor Perkins, Councilman Bowman, Councilman John Nickelson, and Council Grayson Boucher for their response and genuine compassion for the men and women that protect Shreveport. We thank the Fire Chief Scott Wolverton and his administrative staff for responding and standing with us in our hour of need. God Bless you all! Please continue to pray for the men and women that will work through night and every night to make Shreveport a safer place. Your prayers felt, and appreciated.

Police Chief Ben Raymond says a news conference is planned for later today to discuss what he can about this pending investigation, but he thanks all residents for continued support and prayers.

This is a post put on Facebook last year by the officer who was killed:

Long Days. Aching Nights. But I decided to stand tall on my dream. Main lesson taught was to never lose sight of who you are and where you come from. The main thing is to build on who you are and to become an influential and better person for those whom may surround me or I may encounter. My personal mission is to become that positive influence. To Protect those who can’t protect themselves & to at least try to push someone to being a better version of themselves! I’ve never claimed to be perfect, but I am taking this step and becoming a better version of myself by knowing that it is always something bigger than MYSELF ☺️ It is an honor to be able to join such a powerful family with my Brothers and Sisters in Blue 💙 May the journey begin.

We extend our deepest sympathies and prayers to the officers family and to the entire Shreveport Police Family.

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