Shreveport City Council woman LeVette Fuller enters a plea of not guilty in Caddo District Court this morning.

The 41-year-old Fuller faces a charge of driving while intoxicated and texting while driving. She was arrested on July 4th at about 2am near her home on Kirby Place. She appeared before Caddo District Court Judge Ramona Emanuel for arraignment. She's due back in court on October 16th.

Fuller told KTBS said after the brief hearing, "This is the process and we're going through the process."


A day after her arrest this summer, Fuller did issue this statement:

No one is above the law, and our actions and choices have consequences. When I chose to drive myself home, I made two awful mistakes, and like anyone, I will face the consequences of my actions. Texting while driving is never ok. Driving after consuming any amount of alcohol is never ok. I’m absorbing the seriousness of these charges and I’ve learned a life- long lesson. I want to thank the Shreveport Police department for their fair and professional handling of this situation. I expect to be treated as any member of our community and am not privy to special privileges. I humbly accept and appreciate the countless messages of prayerful support. I am dedicated to earning and restoring the public’s faith in me moving forward as the public servant elected to represent District B.

These kinds of cases are normally heard in City Court, but the case was moved to District Court because the City Council has control of the City Court budget and the City Attorney wanted to avoid any possible conflict of interest claims in this case.

The Caddo D.A.'s office is prosecuting.


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