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SHREVEPORT, LA-  On June 21st, 2023, Shreveport police officers made a traffic stop in the Mooretown neighborhood for a vehicle in violation of the city's window tint ordinance.  The driver of the vehicle, Shreveport City Council Chairman James Green, then proceeded to show the officer a State Police patch that was sewn onto the outside of his wallet, a Shreveport City Marshal badge, and a City Marshal commission card.

Lots of people around Shreveport have been talking about Council Chairman James Green and his alleged abuse of power. Most recently, he has been embroiled in a scandal involving a pay raise that he single-handedly gave to City Council staffers without the approval of the entire city council. He later rescinded that raise when it was revealed he did not have the authority to grant raises on his own. The kinds of moves have to be approved by the full council. That incident will now be investigated by an outside agency.
Now, KEEL News has obtained video of a traffic stop involving Reverend Green from earlier this summer. During this stop on Kennedy Drive in the Mooretown community,  Green allegedly pulls out some sort of badge and commission card.  Green was pulled over because his SUV window tint is too dark. For the most part, Green cooperates with the officers. But he does question why he was pulled over.

Green then produced a badge in his wallet to show to the officer.  When the officer asked Green why he had the badge, Green replied, "That ain't your business... Let me explain something to you. I can get the person who gave it to me on the phone. But that's not your business."

Green shows the SPD officer his City Marshal badge-  Video from SPD

When asked if he had a commission to accompany the badge, Green showed the officer what appeared to be a commission card. When asked why he was issued a Louisiana State Police patch, Green told the officer, "You can't ask me why I have it. These are given to certain people... I have the badge, I have the whole deal... they gave it to me... the patch, I have the patch..."  When asked why he had a commission card, Green replied, "Yes, I have a commission card for the.. uh.. the uh... City Marshal... yes I do."

Green shows the officer his patch from the Louisana State Police- Video courtesy of SPD
Green shows the officer his patch from the Louisana State Police- Video courtesy of SPD

The officer again asked Green about the State Police patch on the outside of his wallet, Green told the officer "The State Police give this to certain people."  They said when it was given to me, I didn't have to explain why I had it. It's there because I'm a certain person."

KEEL News reached out to the Louisiana State Police and spoke to Major Cordell Williams who told KEEL News, "We do not want anyone to use the card or the patch to gain any type of advantage or favors."

Shreveport City Marshal James Jefferson told KEEL News that he was unaware that Councilman Green had a badge and commission from his office, and that Green had "no authority to flash a badge during a traffic stop."

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