SHREVEPORT, LA - If you don't tear up a bit after reading this story, you might want to check your pulse. This is the story of a Louisiana boy who does a simple good deed because he cares.

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9-year-old Kelvin Ellis Jr. of Baton Rouge got a dollar for good grades on his report card. He didn't spend that money on something for himself. No soda, no candy or a snack. He decided to give that dollar away.

Matt Busbice was in his condo when he heard the fire alarm go off. He jumped up and ran downstairs. There was no fire. All was ok. But he decided to go next door to a local business to grab a cup of coffee. He was looking a little scruffy because he had jumped up so quickly. When he got to the coffee shop, he realized he had not done his morning prayer. So he stopped outside the business to bow his head and pray.


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What Happened Next?

That's when 9-year-old Kelvin approached him with a clinched fist. Matt was a bit alarmed at first, but the young boy opened his hand to reveal the dollar. He wanted to give it to him because he though he was homeless. The boy says he always wanted to help a homeless person. Wow. It was the only money this youngster had to his name. But he wanted to give it away.

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Turns Out Matt Is a Millionaire

Well, the "homeless" person he was helping turned out to be a millionaire. Matt promptly brought the youngster in the coffee shop to get a snack and a drink. He then arranged for a shopping spree for the child. Kelvin was able to pick out a bike, some clothes and other things he needed. But Kelvin says he didn't expect to get anything back. He says all he wanted to get from giving was joy.

CBS did a report from Baton Rouge on this amazing story and it is so inspiration to see the actual video footage of Kelvin offering his dollar to Matt outside the coffee shop.

Matt says he plans to keep in touch with Kelvin and hopes to spread his message of giving to others as a way to spread joy.

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