SHREVEPORT, LA - A new noise ordinance has been passed by the Shreveport City Council. This compromise measure would allow a decibel level of 75 for all of the city until 12:59 am. This drops to 70 decibels after 1am in the morning.

Tim Huck
Tim Huck

The key item in this new ordinance is that the sound is to be measured at the edge of the property line of the business playing the music and not at the property line of the complainant. This will make it clear to police that they can measure the noise right next to the possible offending business.

Council members did propose several amendments to tweak the decibel levels and the hours, but ultimately, the panel voted 5-2 for the same decibel level all across the city. There were a couple of measures calling for different rules for downtown and other areas of the city, but those efforts did not pass.

Councilman Jim Taliaferro tried to get his colleagues to support a decibel level of 70 downtown and 65 in other parts of the city. Councilman Grayson Boucher also proposed an amendment calling for a 65 decibel limit for businesses outside of downtown.

A previous noise ordinance allowing 85 decibels was vetoed by Mayor Tom Arceneaux and this is the council's new plan. With 5 council members supporting it, it looks like the measure will be veto proof. It would take 5 votes to override a mayoral veto if Arceneaux chooses to veto this compromise measure.

Only Taliaferro and Boucher voted against this new noise ordinance.

It will go into effect 7 days after reaching the Mayor's desk. But the businesses do have to get a sound plan approved by the city before they will be able to play music that might impact nearby homes or businesses.

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