Scorching summer heat can be dangerous for small children and pets, especially if they end up in a locked car.   Protect your children and pets by taking part in a nationwide campaign.

With no air conditioning, it doesn't take long for the temperature to rise and become deadly. That's why Bossier Sheriff's Lt. Bill Davis says to ask yourself, where's baby before you lock.

Each year, children die after being left behind in hot vehicles. The same goes for pets. So far, there haven't been any cases in recent memory of children who have died from suffocation in a locked vehicle in Bossier, says Davis. However, there was a recent tragic case of a child dying this way in Lafayette.

People may not realize how quickly pets left in hot vehicles can suffer heat stroke.

'Look Before You Lock' is a national campaign to raise awareness and save children and pets from heat exposure.

It was launched this summer in Houston and other cities around the country.