America celebrates her Independence Wednesday, and along with the barbecues and the picnics we remember the fortune of freedom. Local civic leaders are marking the day as one of the most important holidays Americans observe.

Bossier Sheriff's Lt. Bill Davis served in the United States Navy overseas when 9-11 happened.

"The ability for us to go to churches where we want to go, out to eat where we want to, have this immense freedom in this country...

Go to a foreign country where you don't have those freedoms, and you'll appreciate it. You'll come back and kiss this great land we live in.

Lt.  Davis served as a correspondent in the Navy and wrote  stories about heroic military men and women, who help protect our freedoms.

Davis told KEEL he enjoys working with Young Marines, a youth education and service program f;or boys and girls. The organization helps build character in youngsters and teenagers, both morally and physically.

The Bossier Sheriff's Office sponsors Young Marines, and the program is free and available to all Bossier Parish youth.

Davis says he understands the importance of instilling patriotic and family values to the younger generation because they become the heroes of tomorrow.

"It's those firefighters, those law enforcement officers, who are working day in and day out around the clock to preserve the freedoms we have right here in our community in the ArkLaTex. And that's a great thing to know that we are safe because of men and women who have said I'll answer the call to protect us."

Davis enjoys the wonder of  "small areas where you 'do'  have the volunteer fire departments and you see the folks and they may live right down the corner from where you're protecting that fire, or working that scene. Folks know each other so they're taking care of one another and that's always a good feeling when you know you're helping each other out."

He says he's proud to celebrate July Fourth, raise the flag and say " this is the greatest country and we should never take those freedoms for granted because of men and women who fought before us and who are continuing to fight this day around the country, around the world and right here in the ArkLaTex.