Louisiana's Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu recently filed the Freedom To Pray Act in response to the Department of Justice's actions to withhold funding from the Bossier Sheriff's Young Marines program.

Landrieu told KEEL Morning News that she has been working with Bossier Sheriff Julian Whittington from the very beginning of the dispute.  Who's really responsible for this funding snafu?

"It's a little unclear, I think there is a lot of finger-pointing going on," the Democrat described.

"They never would provide the $15,000 to the program until a document was signed by the Sheriff or his staff that would say something like 'we promise not to pray or use the word God,'" explained Landrieu.  "I just strongly object to that and so did the Sheriff and he's right."

One phrase summarized her stance on the matter, "It's an overreach by the Department of Justice."

Wouldn't be the first time the Department of Justice has come under fire for "overreaching".  There is even talk that the Department is overreaching again in Sanford, Florida.

"I actually believe the Constitution of the United States currently and all decisions by the court over the last several decades has indicated that praying voluntarily is perfectly constitutional and programs like this meet the constitutional test," stated Louisiana's senior senator.  "But evidently, the Department of Justice doesn't think that, so I've filed a bill and believe I will pick up not only Democratic support but Republican support as well."

Is the Department of Justice going too far?

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