The recent and still-ongoing floods have put our area in the national spotlight. We even poked a little fun at some of the networks for not knowing that a) we have Parishes and b) Bossier is NOWHERE near Lafayette.

It stands to say that when any city gets mentioned in the national news, it is rarely for a positive reason. Here are five times, three within the last couple of years, that Shreveport-Bossier was caught in the national headlines.

  • Officer Thomas LaValley, courtesy of Bossier Sheriff's Office
    Officer Thomas LaValley, courtesy of Bossier Sheriff's Office

    The Shooting Death Of Officer LaValley

    New York Daily News

    Aug 2015

    The shooting death of Officer Thomas LaValley was a blow to the citizens of Shreveport-Bossier, especially to those who knew him. Those feelings of grief reverberated throughout the country at a time when officer related shootings were on the rise.

  • Gary Watson
    Gary Watson

    Red River's Historic Flood

    The New York Times

    June 2015

    Torrential rains in the north brought destruction to our area when The Red River swelled to its highest levels in nearly 100 years. The flood displaced hundreds of residents and caused millions of dollars in damage. The Flood of 2015 is still very fresh in our mind, and the fact that some folks were still in recovery mode when the recent flood hit made it all that much more worse.

  • 3

    Robert And Erin Mock Mary Landrieu

    Fox News

    Dec 2014

    Believe it or not, we even got some national headlines here at Townsquare Media when News Radio 710 KEEL mornings hosts Robert J. Wright and Erin McCarty held an interview with then Senatorial Candidate Mary Landrieu. The interview was a tad one-sided as the hosts tried to ask questions that were all redirected to what Landrieu thought of opponent (and now Senator) Bill Cassidy. Someone somewhere got a hold of the interview, and within 24 hours, we were on Fox News! I say we...because a very new morning show producer named Gary Watson was in there as well...mocking away.

  • Photo Credit: KTBS
    Photo Credit: KTBS

    The Cedar Grove Riots

    The New York Times

    Sep 1988

    The Cedar Grove riots erupted in September of 1988 after the shooting of a black man at the hands of a white teenage girl. When police, trying to protect the girl, removed her from the escalating scene, residents cried for justice. Those cries quickly became more and more violent. The riots culminated in several homes and businesses being burned to the ground. Several police cars and one KTBS news van were also set ablaze.

  • 5

    The President Addresses The Nation On 9/11

    Fox News

    Sep 2001

    "We Will Never Forget" is the slogan used when referring to the attacks of 9/11. That is especially true for those of us who lived around Barksdale Air Force Base, and who got to see Air Force One land before President George W. Bush made his historic "Faceless Coward" speech from the command post at Barksdale. I was actually stationed at Barksdale as an Air Traffic Controller, and I was a first hand witness to that sobering moment. It was one of the few times in my life in which I have felt real fear, and I certainly will never forget.

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