It seems like Hurricane Laura may be too powerful for our Barksdale Bubble.

As Hurricane Laura approaches Louisiana and inevitably makes it's way to our neck of the woods, Barksdale Air Force Base is taking precautionary measures to keep our B-52's safe. Today, BAFB released video showing the B-52's evacuating the base, flying to an undisclosed location for the time being.


You can see that video below.



Earlier today, we learned that Waffle House in Lake Charles is closing ahead of the monstrous Category 4 hurricane barreling our way. I saw that and said to myself, "That's how you know it's going to get bad, when Waffle House decided to close their doors."

Then, a few hours later, I was watching the Weather Channel and realized they sent a crew to Shreveport, LA. Luckily it wasn't Jim Cantore, or I'd be worried Shreveport was about to be wiped off the face of the globe. Still, if the Weather Channel broadcasts live from your town, you know things aren't looking pretty.

This most recent development is the one that has me most worried. Sure, Waffle Houses closing is significant... And yes, the Weather Channel broadcasting from Shreveport is worrisome... But BAFB evacuating B-52's has to be the worst sign yet that things could get potentially disastrous here in the Ark-La-Tex.

After all, if Barksdale decided their bubble (which totally exists and you can read about it HERE) was not powerful enough to shield their most prized-possessions, then we all might be in for a long couple of days.



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