A video surfaced on social media last week showing several rats crawling all over what appeared to be the back side of a soda fountain in a kitchen area. The person who made the post claimed that it was Barksdale Air Force Base in Bossier City.

After the video was up for over a week, spokespeople from Barksdale confirmed that it was indeed the Red River Dining Facility on base.

They claim that the dining facility had the infestation due to recent flooding on the base causing the rodents to seek shelter in the dining hall.

Pictures and videos have surfaced showing the rodents crawling all over the kitchen area and others stuck to sticky rodent traps. Higher-ups on BAFB have sent emails to media outlets claiming that the problem is being taken care of, and the dining facility will re-open as soon as the rats are gone.

Many of the residents on the base use that dining hall due to the convenience of not having to leave. Instead of going out to spend a load of money on a restaurant, residents are given dining cards that they can use on base.

The video that was posted to an Air Force Facebook page received thousands of views and comments. Many of the comments from others who are currently living on different Air Force bases around the country allude to similar issues at their current base.

Barksdale is currently working to rid the dining hall of the pesky critters and have the facility back up and running as soon as possible.

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