Frank Connor Snellings, the son of former US Senator Mary Landrieu, has been arrested and charged with cruelty to a juvenile after his 2 year-old was hospitalized with numerous injuries. Snellings was arrested in East Baton Rouge.

As reported in

"Investigators who spoke with physicians at that time, said the boy had a bruise 'that covered a large portion of the left side of his face.' The boy also had “finger marks on the inner thighs of both legs, which were too big to be a child’s, along with a bruise to center of the victim’s back,” according to the report.

Physicians at the time told investigators that the bruises and finger-markings left on the boy had to be the result of  'excessive trauma' on those specific areas of the child’s body. Specifically, the bruise on the boy’s back was caused from 'a hard strike that caused a spinal process to damage the skin.' "

The boy was taken to the hospital by his mother, who said she had left her on with Snellings on Saturday. Snellings to authorities that he did not know what could have caused the child's bruises and scratches.

After being charged, Snellings was released on $10,000 bond.

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