Last week, a poll came out that named Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson the favorite to win Mary Landrieu's senate seat.

Only problem: Robertson isn't running.

So, what does Louisiana's other senator think about the poll results?

"I have no idea, I can't imagine why he would want to trade in his current gig for that, but that's up to him," chuckled Vitter.

The Public Policy Polling survey said when they asked respondents who they wanted to win the senate race, Mary Landrieu or Phil Robertson, 46% said they wanted Robertson and 42% said they preferred Landrieu.

"I think the more significant thing is the rest of the poll, the fact that this U.S. Senate race is going to be very, very competitive," Vitter told 710 KEEL.

The Republican senator added that the Landrieu race might be one of the most important races this year.

"It could well decide who is the majority in the U.S. Senate and whether harry Reid continues to run the senate on behalf of Barack Obama," explained Vitter.


Phil Robertson Ahead of Landrieu in Senate Race Poll

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