Senator David Vitter - along with other Republican Senate leaders - are promising there will be no action this year on any Supreme Court nomination put forth by President Barack Obama. Vitter, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said a new president should choose a replacement for conservative Justice Antonin Scalia, who died last Saturday.

Said Vitter in an official statement:

“Rather than have an insider’s political tug-of-war between the President and the Senate over a Supreme Court nomination, I think the American people should decide through this year’s election,”

Obama and Congressional Democrats have said the President's nominee to the court should receive an immediate hearing before the Judiciary Committee and a confirmation vote by the Senate, despite a long-standing tradition of not considering a court appointment in the last year of a President's term.

More from Vitter's statement:

“(Scalia) was brilliant jurist who truly understood and respected the Constitution, exactly what we need far more of from our judges and other public officials.”

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