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Constitutional attorney Royal Alexander talks about the Supreme Court ruling earlier this week, a decision that upheld both privacy and gun rights.

The Court ruled unanimously Monday that police seizing a Rhode Island man’s firearms was illegal and in violation of his Fourth Amendment rights.

"This, to me, is the the court reasserting its role as determinant of what the US Constitution says and means," says Alexander, "Warrantless home gun confiscation is unconstitutional. The home is really, in the eyes of the Court, a most sacred place."

Alexander then explains how the unanimous ruling deals a blow to gun control advocates, who hoped to use "red flag" type laws to expand governments confiscatory power. "In this case the state argued that the community caretaking function of the police allowed them warrantless entry and the Supreme Court said 9 - 0 that they could not."

But Alexander emphasizes that this court ruling was a 4th Amendment decision, not a gun rights, 2ns Amendment ruling. "I think that if Joe Biden were to issue an executive order trying to limit (gun ownership) and not go through the Congress, I think it would be enjoined immediately by a group like the National Rifle Association."


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