The conservative group Americans for Prosperity has launched a multi-million dollar ad campaign against Senator Mary Landrieu, in which Marine veteran Christopher Schiff blames her for the disruption of his family’s health insurance.

The ad hit airwaves late this week and features Schiff speaking to the camera from his home.

I did two tours in Iraq. Because of my service I was able to get a health care plan that worked for me. So I get a letter from my insurance company that said my insurance costs were going way up because of ObamaCare. And oh, by the way, you should be happy about it.

And Landrieu's response to the ad?

"This race will be won not on the president’s record, but on my record," she said. "The Affordable Care Act won’t be the centerpiece of my campaign. The centerpiece will be my leadership and ability to deliver for the people of my state, no matter who the president is."

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