Senator Bill Cassidy of Louisiana tells KEEL News President Donald Trump wants the Senate to move forward with a bill to replace Obamacare.

Cassidy says the President wants to get things done. The Senator says his top priority is to put together a conservative solution is put in place that takes care of patients.

What about a repeal of Obamacare and then spend some time putting a new plan in place? Cassidy told us:

The President could not have been more clear.  He wants a replacement plan. That's why I'm working with the White House closely to get this done. But again, we don't want to trim around the edges of Obamacare. We actually want to replace. And that's the marching orders we've been given by the President.

Cassidy, who is a medical doctor says his plan would keep popular protections under Obamacare, including a ban on denying coverage for pre-existing conditions.


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