United States Senator Bill Cassidy says his wife would be in favor of the new bipartisan infrastructure proposal - a bill that he helped write - because roads and bridges are a "woman's problem."

The Republican senior Senator has been a major force during bipartisan infrastructure negotiations, a compromise bill that has been embraced by both a number of GOP lawmakers and the White House. But the Cassidy remarks that America's deteriorating roads and highways are a "woman's problem" because women are often the household members who are "taking children to schools or doing the shopping," are raising a few eyebrows from the politically correct crowd.

During a Sunday morning appearance on NBC's Meet the Press, Cassidy told moderator Chuck Todd, "If you go home and talk to constituents who are stuck in traffic for an hour and a half getting to work and an hour and a half getting home, three hours a day that they don't spend with their family, they want a bridge coming to a town near them.

"My wife says that roads and bridges are a 'woman's problem,' if you will, because oftentimes, it is the woman, aside from commuting to work, who is also taking children to schools or doing the shopping, and the more time she spends on that road, the less time she spends doing things of higher value. So if you speak to her, she's going to say, 'This is a good bill.'"

Cassidy added that the proposal "is going to provide the infrastructure that the American people want that they need. That’ll make our country prosperous for all Americans.”

And he said he expects that, in the end, the bipartisan bill will receive the approval and backing of Republican Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell.

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