A lot of conservatives are wondering if Congressman Bill Cassidy is the best choice to take on Mary Landrieu.

"He hasn't really told his story yet," LaPolitics.com editor John Maginnis told 710 KEEL.  "I'm sure a lot of people in North Louisiana don't know who he is."

And Maginnis said that because Louisianans aren't familiar with Cassidy doesn't make him a bad candidate.

"He's not the most charismatic candidate," said Maginnis.  "He's an intelligent, sober, responsible candidate, but he doesn't 'light it up' when he enters a room."

There was a lot of chatter before Cassidy announced his campaign that Congressman John Fleming would try to take on Landrieu.  Maginnis told KEEL Morning News that some conservatives might still want Fleming instead.

"There's still people who say Congressman John Fleming would have done a better job appealing to the conservative wing of the Republican Party," stated Maginnis.  "John Fleming is given a lot a credit for being a good soldier for putting his senatorial ambition aside to join the common cause of defeating Mary Landrieu."

But it's not just about being a good soldier for Fleming.

"There were other reasons why I stepped aside," Fleming told 710 KEEL.  "I think there's going to be another opportunity for me to run for senate coming up."

Fleming spoke highly of Senator David Vitter's campaign for Louisiana governor, noting the fundraising successes the campaign has had thus far and some issues that might hurt Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne's potential gubernatorial campaign.

"I actually considered running against Mary Landrieu and Bill Cassidy," explained Fleming.  "I did a poll and when the person was polled and explained a conservative voting record for someone running versus a less conservative and more moderate, there was a 19-point spread in favor of the more conservative potential candidate."

The Minden Republican did note some observations he's noticed about why Cassidy hasn't won over Louisiana's conservatives.

"He's really not putting himself out there and really getting in front of cameras and microphones and reassuring them that he's ready to repeal and replace that horrible legislation [Obamacare]," noted Fleming.

Fleming did add that this year's election is only a contest because of the Affordable Care Act, "I think Mary Landrieu would have no problem being reelected if it were not for Obamacare."


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