United States Senator Bill Cassidy blasts Joe Biden's energy related executive orders, calling the President's actions "destructive" to Louisiana and all of America.

Cassidy begins by saying that, despite a Democrat controlled Congress, GOP Senators can still act. "What we can do is (try) to make sure that leasing continues in the Gulf of Mexico and on federal lands," he says, referring to Biden's just imposed drilling moratorium. "Continuing to provide those jobs for all those Americans working in federal waters and on federal lands, and also continuing to provide the United States with the natural gas and oil that the world is going to demand for several decades more.

"And if we don't produce it, we'll be buying it from nations...that don't have our environmental standards, producing the same product creating jobs there, strengthening their economies and weakening ours.

"You shouldn't take jobs from the American people on a wrong-headed decision because you think you're improving the world's environment."

Cassidy continues that the negative economic effects of the Biden order will hurt Americans for years to come, especially here at home. "All those (energy) dollars that we we use to rebuild Louisiana's coastline to protect us from hurricanes, we no longer have that money. All those jibs created? They're not there either. There is a ripple effect to all this that is just wrong-headed and it's destructive."

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