Larry Deen, former Bossier Parish Sheriff, is facing simple battery charges after an altercation he allegedly had with current Sheriff Julian Whittington's father. Sheriff Whittington's involvement in a now-dismissed federal corruption case is allegedly what started the incident. That case was thrown out after a key witness died under mysterious circumstances. 

The incident happened October 13th at a tire store in Benton. Don Whittington, Julian's father, was in the store when Deen arrived. According to Don and several other witnesses, Deen came up behind Mr. Whittington, grabbed him and brought up the corruption case.

Deen's account is much different from Whittington's saying that it was Don who started the altercation and claims that Whittington told him to be careful because his son may hurt him. Deen was not arrested. Instead he was issued a summons.

Deen's attorney says that no blows were thrown and, at the end of the day, this is nothing more than petty politics. However, others do not believe this to be the case and feel that there is some strong ill will between Deen and Whittington.

At a funeral earlier this year, witnesses say that Deen hit Sheriff Whittington with an umbrella and told him, 'You took a shot and missed.'

Deen is due in court November 23rd. The case could be solved through litigation and a restraining order may be issued to keep Deen away from Whittington's family.


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