On the heels of a Florida jury acquitting George Zimmerman of the second-degree murder charge against him, protests have erupted in various parts of the country.  Here are Senator Mary Landrieu's thoughts on the case:

The courts have spoken and I think as the President said, while we're not always happy with every verdict that comes out of every court, we have to trust our system of justice. We know our system of justice is not perfect, it has made many mistakes in the past.  But, the President's call is to honor the verdict of this jury and this court and to work towards more justice in the future. 

We know examples of people who should have gone to prison that didn't.  People who didn't go to prison that should.  People that went that shouldn't have.  And we just have to keep working on a better system. 

It was a very tough case.  I think we have many other things to focus on.

The Department of Justice has come out and said that they would conduct their own investigation into the case.  But some think the department is overreaching its boundaries. Even the Democratic senator feels the Department of Justice is overreaching when it comes to religion and federally-funded programs.

Is the Department of Justice reaching too far into matters it shouldn't?

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