Educators have been busy getting ready for the new school year. Bossier leaders have released some of the details for this year.

School begins in Bossier on August 12th. Elementary students will go back to the classroom. Middle and High School students will follow a hybrid schedule. They will be on an A/B week.
A = Monday and Wednesday
B = Tuesday and Thursday
During the first week of the year, students in the A group will go to school on Friday.
The next week, students in the B group will go on Friday.

The students will have online learning on the days they do not report to campus.

Some extra curricular activities will not be allowed. Their will be no choir and no wind instruments in the band.

For parents who do not want to send their children back to in-person class, there will be virtual learning programs available.

Parents were surveyed in Bossier Parish and they got more than 8 thousand responses.

Senator John Kennedy had some harsh words this week for folks politicizing the reopening of schools:

“I know some people in good faith disagree with me, and I respect that. Let’s have the debate. But there are some people who want to keep our schools closed because they think it gives them a political advantage, and they’re using our kids as political pawns, and to them I say, unashamedly, they can kiss my a**. That’s wrong, to do that to the kids of America—not the people in good faith, but those who are just enjoying the chaos because they think it’s going to help them in November.”

He also said, “There are some Americans who think it’s unsafe. I just disagree with them, but I’m willing to have that debate.

Jackie Lansdale with the Red River United Teacher Union had this response to the Senator's remarks:

This cannot be a surprise. John Kennedy, beginning with his time in the Roemer Administration, has demeaned and vilified teachers. My mother-in-law always said you have to have a change of heart before you can have a change of mind. John Kennedy has a hard heart when it comes to educators. He always has and obviously, alway will.
We can do better than this. Don’t elect people who do not and will never like you.

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