The plan for opening schools in Caddo Parish has been outlined by Superintendent Dr. Lamar Goree. The start of the school year has been delayed for 2 weeks with the new start date now set for August 24th. Dr. Goree says the number one goal is to keep students and staff safe.

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Dr. Goree says "we have looked at all the guidelines provided by the CDC and other health experts. We are a true urban district and this pandemic has caused an academic pandemic." He says since classes were dismissed on March 13th not much has been done by many students since that date. Our new plan will include opportunities to provide remediation for those students who have fallen behind.

Dr. Goree says all adults in schools will be mandated to wear masks. All students in the 3rd grade and above are required to wear masks. All students riding buses will also be required masks.

Temperatures will take place for every student each day and the school day will start with hand sanitation for every student.

Here are the models for reopening:

1. Virtual learning through your current school
Students can enroll in all instruction which will be taught be a teacher at your school. Devices will be provided to students.

2. Traditional model for elementary school. We need to get our youngest learners back in school. We will follow max of 25 in each room. Students will remain in static groups for all needs including lunch and recess time.

3. Hybrid model is very unique and we will continue to adjust this as needed. Students will attend in person on either A day or B day which will be determined at each school. Students will go to the school twice a week. Friday will be a virtual day for all students.

Buses will run full routes every day.

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