In what may, or may not, be an opening ad for a campaign to be Louisiana's next Governor, this (maybe) politician has confused a lot of people. Which might end up being the point.

Before we dive all the way in, watch this ad...

OK Katie...what is this? There's no specific mention of running for Governor. In fact, there's no mention of running for any specific position. But maybe more interesting, there's no mention of party...or other parties...or candidates. You could watch this ad 100 times, and unless you apply some prejudices, you probably wouldn't be able to guess what party Katie belongs to.

Honestly, that's probably the point.

The video features men and women, of various races, talking about generic political complaints. Someone might watch and assume because she features multiple people of color, she has to be a democrat. But then she drops the clip of her firing a gun...which screams Republican. She talks about compassion and "coming together", which are big Democrat lines, but then inserts that she's a local small business owner, more Republican points.

These waters appear to be muddied on purpose. So lets clear some things up.

The woman featured here is Louisiana Democratic Party Chair Katie Bernhardt. So first question answered, she's a Democrat. But the ad isn't for a specific election, although no one in naïve enough to think this isn't for the Louisiana Gubernatorial race, which isn't sitting well with Democrats. publisher Jeremy Alford spoke with the Louisiana Radio Networks, and says this ad has ruffled feathers in the party. He told LRN about his talk with Gary Chambers, the Democratic candidate who challenged John Kennedy in last year's US Senate race:

“They’re (Louisiana Democrats) unhappy the way that Katie Bernhardt has kind of flirted with the Governor’s race and they’ve reached out to him (Chambers) and urged him to run for Governor”

So it seems like Katie is trying to explore a run for Governor, without fully committing. While also playing both sides of the aisle...angering Dems and firing guns, while running their party in the state. Perhaps the confusion of where she stands is what she needs to win?

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