Legislation is making its way through the process in Baton Rouge to let the Shreveport Police Chief make a change to 12 hour shifts from the current 8 hour shifts.

We have just received results of a petition signed by nearly 200 officers who oppose moving to a 12 hour day.

Results released to KEEL by the Shreveport Police Union from an early April email survey showed 42% of the officers supported a 12 hour shift.

During a conversation with KEEL earlier this month, Chief Raymond discussed why he wants to have the option to go to 12 hour days. But he makes it clear he has not made a decision about whether or not he will make the change.

"This has been a discussion for 18 months now," the Chief says, "We had a study done...look at our shift schedule, look at the personnel issues we're having, the amount of money we're currently spending in overtime to meet staffing and patrol and it was determined that 12 hour shifts would be a better alternative at this stage.

The Chief adds:

"We're 95 officers down. We're spending a million plus in overtime costs per year . We have officers routinely working 16 hour shifts. We're now directing officers to work an occasional half-shift. Twelve hour shifts appears top be a better, more efficient operation from an administrative and budgetary standpoint."

If passed by both houses of the state legislature and signed by the Governor, the SPD would then have the option to make the change. But first, says Raymond, after consulting with department leaders, as well as the rank and file, the move would also have to meet the approval of Shreveport voters before the plan could be put in place.


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