A new poll of Shreveport police officers shows the vast majority do support moving to 12 hour shifts.

A poll taken a couple of years ago showed more support for 10 hour shifts, but now things have changed.

48% of the officers do support working a 12 hour shift. 27% say they favor a 10 hour shift and 25% want to stay with the current 8 hour shifts. This latest poll was conducted over the weekend and sent out to more than 200 members of the police union.

Police Chief Ben Raymond is asking the legislature to change the law to let Shreveport move to 12 hour shifts, but the Chief says he has not made a decision about making the change. he just wants to have the option.

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The police union sent this statement to KEEL News:

This is a complex issue that will have a profound and comprehensive effect on the lives of our officers. It is a decision that should not be taken lightly by our administration; however it is a discussion that we need to have. The future of the Shreveport Police may or may not be twelve (12) hour shifts but it is the opinion of the Shreveport Police Union that the Administrators of the Shreveport Police Department need to have the ability to make decisions without being hindered by outdated legislation. The Shreveport Police Department needs to be able to do what is best for its officers, current and future. For too long decisions from politicians have been made that affect our officers daily activities and there is no place for political bureaucracy in Police work.

Union leaders say they are open to discussions of ways to "improve the quality of life for our officers and their families."

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