Caddo Parish Sheriff Steve Prator talks about the latest efforts to fight the increased gun violence in the area.

Representatives from both Shreveport Fire and Police, plus a number of city leaders will hold a press conference on Wednesday at 3pm to address possible solutions to combat the epidemic of gun violence in our city and plans to work together toward a solution.

"My goal (as part of) the group is to get everybody's eyes opened. The Chamber of Commerce, the Committee of 100 and other groups and that they will actually look for themselves...and see what are the causative factors of the crime we are experiencing.

"The main factor is, if you look at the majority of people who are arrested for murder, attempted murder or some kind of violent act, have a violent history or illegal gun possessions in their past and they get by with it over and over and over."

Prator continues, saying that lawmakers are hurting police and the communities they serve more than helping. "The state legislature passes things like Justice Reinvestment and then moves on to something else. Justice Reinvestment has hurt us. Crime was supposed to come down...but tell me if crime's gone down. They need to be looking at violent crime again, but they're not."

Also in attendance will be community leaders and activists who are also seeking a solution, including a coalition of elected leaders, members of the business community, faith-based organizations and other groups hoping to find solutions.


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