Property Standards Inspector Lisa Hayes and SPD Community Liason Officer Jason Cook talk about the upcoming Highland - Stoner neighborhood clean up.

The community effort is taking place Monday, May 3, says Inspector Hayes. "We'll be cleaning up," she says. "We'll have a dumpster set up at 511 Olive Street, the Highland Center, and we want your trash. Simple as that.

"The city is providing this free dumpster service to bring all the (unwanted) things around your houses and even your neighbors and their houses. Refrigerators, tires, furniture, anything.

"Now what we will not take is chemicals. We cannot have paint, medical waste or anything like that."

And what about items that might be too cumbersome to move to the city-provided dumpster? "We can write up the area that it's in and send a certified letter to that owner of that property and make sure that it gets removed that way."

And Officer Cook explains the police component to the project. "We're there to assist and team up with (the inspectors)," says Cook. "We'll work the street side, anything that's on a city street. When (some) people move, they'll leave their cars there and they just make the street and the neighborhood look bad."

Cook adds that the vehicles are ticketed and if are impounded if still on the street after seven days.

Hayes then adds that the citywide cleanup plan involves all neighborhoods and will concentrate on different geographical areas of Shreveport through the spring.

For information or to find out the cleanup schedule, she suggests calling her office at 318 673-6200."When you call," Hayes says, "They'll direct you to the right inspector for your area.


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