How do local police officers feel about moving to a 12 hour day? If depends on who you ask. But the Shreveport Police Union did a poll in 2019 and they have shared the results with KEEL News.

The poll was sent our in an email to 211 members of SPD. 132 of those officers worked in the patrol division and would be directly impacted by the shift change.

Here's the breakdown of the rank of the officers who responded:

Officer/Corporal 145, Sergeant 43, Lieutenant 19, and Captain 4.

The respondents were given 3 choices and here's how they voted:

132 want to move to 10 hour shift.

42 support the longer 12 hour shift.

36 like the current 8 hour shift.

If you break down the numbers even further, of the officers on patrol, 83 of them say they want to move to a 10 hour shift. 25 like the idea of a 12 hour shift and 24 want to stay at the 8 hour shift system.

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We talked to Shreveport Police Chief Ben Raymond about the proposal to move to a 2-Platoon system which would call for 12 hour shifts. He says it is something he wants to explore and at least have the option to use if it will benefit the city.

The chief has asked local lawmakers to pass a measure to allow for the change.

It would "authorizes the Shreveport police chief to establish a two-platoon system for employees of the city's police department."

Right now, any city with a population over 50,000 people is required to divide the members of its police force into 3 platoons. This essentially means 3-8 hour shifts each day. The change would allow SPD to have 2 platoons, or 2-12 hour shifts per day.

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