Rod Demery has resigned as an investigator for the Caddo District Attorney's Office. The former Shreveport Police Detective was long rumored to be jumping into the city's mayoral race. However, Demery says that he's not running for office and quit to focus more on television and movie projects.


However, that doesn't mean the former detective and star of ID's 'Murder Chose Me' doesn't have any political aspirations. He did tell KSLA that he would be interested in becoming Shreveport's Police Chief someday.

And, according to rumor and innuendo in Shreveport political circles, Demery has been directly approached by several mayoral candidates about possibly being their Chief of Police if they get elected. Lee O. Savage has publicly said that if he is elected, he would hire someone like Demery to take over the Police Department as Chief.

So, for the time being, Demery is clearing his calendar for Hollywood. But it sounds like some time in the near future he could be back at SPD.

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