[UPDATE 1/16/13 8:35 AM CT] Administrators of FreeSeaton.com tell 710 KEEL that they mistakenly listed the United Methodist Church as the registered organization of the website and that the problem has been resolved.  In a statement to 710 KEEL, FreeSeaton.com says:

The registration for the FreeSeaton.com website mistakenly listed a church as an affiliated organization.  The same domain provider was used to create another website several years ago for a church.  The registration information for the older website was inadvertently copied over to the new registration.

710 KEEL had confirmed that former United Methodist Church pastor Richard Seaton, the father of convicted rapist Rick Seaton, put together the website.  The registration information of FreeSeaton.com and Richard Seaton's personal website, raseaton.org, were both the same, although the two sites were created nine years apart from each other.

The Louisiana Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church tells 710 KEEL it did not authorize or approve the referenced FreeSeaton.com website. Church officials are seeking to have the church’s name removed from the registration of the site.

[UPDATE 1/15/13 12:05 PM CT] Members of the United Methodist Church say that they are not involved at all with FreeSeaton.com.  Ken Irby, speaking on behalf the Broadmoor United Methodist Church, says that Richard Seaton, the father of Rick Seaton, is a retired United Methodist Church pastor.  Registration information for FreeSeaton.com lists the elder Seaton as the registrant of the website along with the United Methodist Church, using the same server host and contact information as the former pastor's website.  Church officials are looking into why their name is tied to FreeSeaton.com and 710 KEEL will deliver that information as soon as it becomes available.

[Original Story] As former Shreveport aide Rick Seaton attempts to have his rape conviction overturned, a website where he pleads his case to the public and publishes photos from security cameras, court documents and solicits donations has been discovered.

The site goes through the effort of not mentioning the victim by name, but uses the initials "KW" in its place. The website includes all the details of the case from his perspective and his argument of why he is innocent:

I cheated on my marriage and that was wrong. For that I apologized in Divorce Court. I had sex with KW who I had just met and that was wrong. For that I have apologized in Court. I had sex in the workplace and that was wrong. For that I have apologized to Mayor Glover.

I know that I made foolish decisions, but I did not violate the laws of the State of Louisiana.

Foolish but not guilty.

Registration information shows that the website is registered to both the United Methodist Church and Richard Seaton, and was created in March 2012.