Republic Services General Manager Chris Bloxham talks about the ongoing negotiations with the city and whether he thinks a new deal can be reached to continue Shreveport's recycling program.

The current contract between the city and Republic Services that provides recycling for Shreveport residents expires at the end of October.

"I certainly hope we can get it done," says Bloxham, referring to the current contract impasse, "Recycling is a huge part of the Republic footprint and we want to continue to do recycling in Shreveport. I certainly hope in the next sixty five days we can work this out and we can move forward. It's really up to the city of Shreveport if they want recycling, but if they do, we want to be a part of it."

Bloxham also responds to an earlier email that he sent to Mayor Adrian Perkins and Councilman John Nickelson in which he said, "the recycling relationship between the City of Shreveport and Republic is no longer a realistic option."

"The email...was after the (renewal) legislation was pulled last Tuesday. That legislation has been out there for six months. I didn't now it was being taken off the table. so, with seventy days left - and it appeared to me at that time that it was over - but yesterday (KEEL) broke the news that it's going out for RFP (Request for Proposals). We love that. We were awarded this contract on an RFP three years ago and so we welcome that."


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