Shreveport is dealing with high crime numbers and we are not alone. New Orleans is having a big spike in violent crime and it's impacting tourism in the Crescent City. A recent survey shows 75% of residents don't think New Orleans is safe.

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This survey was conducted by the New Orleans Crime Coalition from June 1-6.
The results of the survey represent interviews with 800 adults who live in the city.
The racial makeup of the of the sample was 59% African American, 33% white, 8% other.

One of the big problems mentioned in the survey is crime and police protection. The numbers show public satisfaction with the NOPD is at the lowest point since 2009 (33%).
84% of the respondents believe the crime problem has gotten worse over the past year and 75% say the city is no longer safe. That number is up 11 points from 64% who claimed the city was safe last year.

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Only 25 percent of survey respondents say that citywide, New Orleans is safe. That
percentage represents a 10 point drop since 2021.

The sentiment among Black (75%) and White (74%) residents who feel the city is
not safe is near identical.

Those saying the city is not safe increased 11 points from 64% to 75%.

Some folks have decided not to visit New Orleans because of concerns about the high crime numbers.

But the results show most residents (70%) believe their own neighborhood is safe.
Do residents step up and help police? The survey shows 84% of residents say they would “definitely” or “probably” call Crime Stoppers about a felony crime if they
could share information anonymously to law enforcement.

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