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Registration and Renewal Fees Waived For Certain Military Honor License Plates

As the new legislature is currently in Baton Rouge working on a special crime session, the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles recently announced a new law that will waive fees for certain military honor license plates.

Act 174 of the 2023 Regular Session of the Louisiana Legislature authorizes the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles to issue the following military honor license plates at no cost and waive renewal registration requirements to applicable plates;

  • World War II
  • Korean War
  • Vietnamese Conflict
  • and Laos War.
Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles
Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles


Current owners of these license plates will receive a permanent vehicle registration sticker via mail. Members of the armed services of the United States applying for these plates for the first time must present a copy of their active duty discharge orders or proof of retirement from active service with one of the armed forces of the United States from World War II, Korean War, Vietnamese Conflict, and Laos War.

Residents can visit to view more information regarding vehicle registration and a complete list of specialty license plates available.

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