Congressman Mike Johnson talks about the confirmation of the newest Supreme Court Justice, Amy Coney Barrett, with whom he's been friends for more than thirty years.

"I've known her since we were sixteen years old," Johnson begins, talking about his championing his old friend to the President, "And we got to be very good friends doing various student council and student leadership conferences around the state. I was from Shreveport and she was from Metarie...and she always stood out, even back then. She has an extraordinary intellect and character. The whole country gets to see that now and I'm so gratified by that. I think now that the President's really, really, proud of the decision he made and I think all of us are. She's only forty eight years old so she could serve for a number of years, she's going to do extremely well and she's going to make Louisiana proud. I think she already has."

And the Congressman then explains why the confirmation of Barrett is coming at the right time. "She had not a single blemish on her personal or professional record. Not only, as I've told the President, the female (late Justice Antonin) Scalia, a natural inheritor of his great legacy on the Court, but she is (also) an extraordinary person. She's a humble person with a servant's heart. She was gifted with an amazing intellect and she's used it well. She was pulled into this limelight because of her qualifications and no one could say a single negative thing about her."


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