Congressman Mike Johnson talks about the events at the most recent House Judicial Committee where the Democrat controlled group made a number of outlandish charges against Attorney General William Barr, including accusing him of murder.

"It was really outrageous," says Johnson, referring the Gerald Nadler run hearing, "That was among the worst moments of the hearing. It wasn't a hearing. It was more of a vanity project using limited time and resources to attack the Attorney General. That's what the Democrats did all day long and it was on vivid display for the whole country to see and people are incensed about it."

The Congressman then explains the reason for the Dems attack, which he says is rooted in the Justice Department investigation of the now-disproven Russian collusion charges against the President. "They hate this Attorney General...because he is cleaning up the messes of the Obama, Biden Department of Justice, the Comey, FBI corruption, the special counsel investigation. They absolutely hate him for it and you could see that."

Johnson also addresses the denials of Democrats on the committee, specifically chairman Nadler, that the violent protests across the country "are a myth."

"Look at the cast of characters, the Democrats, yesterday at that hearing," he says, "The idea of turning the country over to those in the (committee) majority and putting someone like Joe Biden, who will be a puppet for the radical left, in the White House, the idea of turning the country over to those folks should scare the living daylights out of every freedom loving American and we have to say that loudly and clearly."


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