One man is locked up today suspected of making serious threats against New Orleans Mayor Mayor LaToya Cantrell.

49-year-old John Dorian is accused of sending emails to Cantrell claiming he wanted to lynch her. He is accused of threatening an elected official.


Police believe Dorian made threats against the mayor at least twice. He is also suspected of making threatening phone calls to the mayor's office.

One of his email sent back in August says “It’s time for you to answer for your crimes,” His message adds: “When it comes for your lynching I’ll be the first one in line to pull that lever.”

 Dorian allegedly sent another email this past weekend that said:
“If it were up to me I’d have you executed for your crimes against the people.” His email allegedly included language calling for the hanging of Cantrell. He is also suspected of saying "you should be left to dangle for four years."
He was arrested just days after this latest email. Investigators say his alleged emails  were “threatening in nature, extremely alarming, and (presented) a credible threat for the safety of the mayor.”
Cantrell faced similar allegations about a month ago when 59-year-old Daniel Jenkins allegedly threatened to shoot Cantrell if his trash didn’t get picked up. New Orleans has been dealing with a backlog of trash pickup since Hurricane Ida and many residents have been angry about it. But Jenkins apparently went too far in his complaints and he was arrested.

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