One man is locked up today in south Louisiana. He's accused of opening fire on a pickup truck during a road rage incident in a Slidell neighborhood.

Slidell police have released video of the incident from one of the homes in the area. You can clearly see a man in the passenger seat of the gray car jump out with a gun and open fire on the white pickup truck. The driver of that truck floors it to get out of the area. The truck was hit several times. One of the homes was also hit by a bullet. Thankfully, no one was hit.

21-year-old Kendell Matthews of Slidell faces a charge of attempted 2nd degree murder.

This violent incident happened Wednesday night at about 6:30pm. Police say the suspect car apparently followed the truck into a neighborhood after there was some sort of incident on the roadway. The driver of the pickup tried to get the license plate of the car, but this violent episode got out of control when Matthews jumped out of the car with the gun and started shooting.

Slidell Police Chief Randal Fandal issued a news release and he says "we will not tolerate this kind of careless and inexcusable behavior in Slidell."

Matthews was caught a few hours later when he was spotted by a Slidell Police officer. He was arrested without incident.

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