SHREVEPORT, LA - More lenient requirements will now be in place for high school students in Louisiana. In a move that is frustrating many, BESE has voted 6-5 to give students another option for graduating from high school.

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U.S. Senator John Kennedy took to the Senate floor to blast this policy. He says under this change, students who fail the required graduate exit exam can go a different route and ask a teacher for a special assignment. Once they have completed that "special assignment", they could then be eligible to graduate in Louisiana.

Louisiana Education Superintendent Dr. Cade Brumley opposed this change. He told the members of BESE:

"The proposed graduation appeals process is bad public policy for the State of Louisiana." He cited comments from the grandmother of ten, who provided a written objection wherein she likened a diploma under this proposed policy to a “participation trophy.

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Brumley adds: "At its core, the proposed graduation appeals process dangerously signals to our state and nation that Louisiana’s educational system is incapable of providing – and students are unable to attain – a minimum standard of proficiency in required subjects."

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Senator Kennedy says

"This is an announcement to America that Louisiana has given up on our kids. It says they are not smart enough and not good enough when we give 'em second or 3rd chances to get a "D" on the graduate exit examination."

Kennedy adds it's not the kids that wanted this change. He says "The adults want to do this because not only do we grad our students, we grade our schools. And if schools have kids that don't pass, it counts against the grade of the school."

Brumley also says "we should continue the exploration and expansion of academic and support options for students, not impose a government-sanctioned excuse for mediocrity."

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