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With the recent announcement from House Majority Leader Steve Scalise that he has withdrawn his name from contention for Speaker of the House, the Republican Party is in turmoil.  And it really couldn't have come at a worse time for our country.

The Palestinian terrorist group Hamas attacked Israel this week, whereupon Israel declared war, and has retaliated with attacks on Gaza.  Our government has already been sending billions, with a B, in aid to Ukraine, with no end in sight for the war in Europe.

Inflation in the US continues to rise, costing Americans more and more of their paycheck to simply provide the basics for their families. Fox News reports that economic experts are warning things are going to get worse economically.  America needs leadership.  Real leadership.

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In the flurry of activity since the ouster of Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy, many names have been brought forth for a new speaker, including Louisiana Congressman Mike Johnson, along with Congressman Jim Jordan from Ohio.  Mike Johnson released the following statement Friday morning on X, formerly Twitter.

I have been humbled to have many Members from across our Conference reach out to encourage me to seek the nomination for Speaker.  After much prayer and deliberation, I have decided at this time not to enter the race, but to defer to one of my closest friends and brothers, Jim Jordan.


Congressman Johnson told KEEL News on Friday morning:

If my friend Jim Jordan cannot reach 217 [votes needed] I will step forward as a consensus candidate.

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