Did you ever wonder why, if you're listening to KEEL at 101.7 FM, then quickly switch to 710 AM, you notice that the AM audio is about ten seconds behind? Then, a quick switch to KEEL's app gives you the same audio with a delay of another ninety seconds, or so?

Townsquare Media Shreveport Chief Engineer / IT Greer Harris talks with 101.7 / 710 KEEL's Robert J Wright and Erin McCarty, explaining why fans of the morning show listening via the FM transmitter, the AM signal or the digital stream all hear the program in "different time."

Harris was responding to questions from a number of listeners, who noticed that audio broadcast on the FM signal at 101.7 megahertz is heard first by listeners, the AM transmission at 710 kilohertz is heard about ten seconds later, but folks listening to digital stream audio via the KEEL app get the audio about ninety seconds after that.

In short, it has to do with the amount and complexity of "audio processing," but KEEL's technical boss explains it so even I can understand it in our "Radio Engineering for Dummies" video.


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