Here in the South, we are getting used to being on the "Worst Of" lists, and while some lists shock us, the latest does not.

While we would love to always be on the "Best Of" lists you see on social media or in polls, we understand that isn't going to happen. In the latest study, it has been determined that some of the worst drivers in the country are in Louisiana and Texas.

Yes, both states made the list of having some of the worst drivers in the country. In Louisiana, can we blame that on the road conditions for our bad driving habits, or are we just that bad at driving?

Sure, we may not have the worst drivers in the country, because that belongs to New Mexico, but I think we've all seen some pretty bad drivers in our region.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Forbes conducted the study and considered several variables when compiling their list of states with the worst drivers. Fatal accidents and distracted drivers were just a few things taken into consideration for this study.

So, we have some work to do in Louisiana and Texas, but I am sure with a little effort we can improve on the roads. Perhaps we can start improving by just slowing down and not always being in a rush, however, isn't that the way of life now?

Stay safe while out there on the roads and remember to always buckle up when travelling.


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