Temperatures are warming up and soon many will be heading to their favorite beach to cool down.

Well, anytime you go to the beach you should be aware of some of the potential dangers out there, and one of the most dangerous things in the water, aside from marine life, is rip currents.

Sadly, each year we report on someone passing away at the beach after being pulled out into the gulf by rip currents so we want you to know what to look for.

The Pensacola Beach Lifeguards posted a great tutorial video on social media showing an actual rip current in real-time. The lifeguard points out where the rip current is, which you should look for while out in the water.

Pensacola Beach Lifeguards
Pensacola Beach Lifeguards

Each day before beachgoers arrive lifeguards evaluate the conditions in the water and it is important to listen to their advice before entering the water. If there is a threat for rip currents on the day you're at the beach you should heed the warning and stay out of the water.

Even the most conditioned swimmers can struggle when caught in rip currents and the best to do if you're caught in one is to swim with the current and not against it.

Look at the great video and be very careful if visiting a beach this summer.


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