Monday, July 8th was one of the scariest storm experiences for people all over the Ark-La-Tex. As of now, there has been one death reported. Our hearts break for the family and friends of the Benton woman who lost her life during the storms.

Did it feel like your phone was constantly going off with all kinds of alerts? Chances are that that is the most amount of weather-related alerts you ever had. Monday will go down in the history books as one of the most volatile weather days in the Ark-La-Tex.

It Has Been Reported That There Were Over 60 Tornado Weather Warnings on Monday, July 8th.

It was unreal receiving all those weather warnings in just a few short hours. Numerous tornadoes were reported and over 40,000 Swepco customers woke up without power.

One community was hit particularly hard and the footage of the damage is devasting. The Desoto Parish Sheriff's Office took to their social media early Monday morning to warn residents about the upcoming storms and provided several tips to remain safe. They continued to keep the public informed and it wasn't long until pictures and footage of the damage left behind started to circulate all over social media.

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The Desoto Parish Sheriff's Office took to their Facebook page to show some devastating pictures, what we are grateful for is that there were no serious injuries or deaths reported from the storm in Desoto Parish. "Aerial Photos taken from yesterday's tornado damage in the Hwy. 481/Lula Road area, and other areas. Thankfully there are no serious injuries or deaths to report from this storm." You can see the photos below.

Storm Damage in Desoto Parish July 8th

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